Mimecast: Shielding Business Emails from Chronic Cyber-Malice

Peter Bauer, CEO, MimecastPeter Bauer, CEO
The periphery of cyber threats and attacks is expanding more than ever today. As the requirement for adopting cutting-edge technologies is spiralling, the organisations are trapped in this vicious circle of higher risks of data losses, brand imitation, ransomware, credential harvesting, impersonation attacks, and so on. This is because the hackers, most often, tend to target emerging technologies.

An eminent organisation facing similar challenges was The Royal Auris Group. They were being derailed by constant phishing and other fraudulent emails keeping the help desk busy for hours, causing multiple security and compliance risks. Auris needed a new set of tools to execute their new data-centric security strategy that focuses on student and client-personal information protection. This is where a UK-based company, Mimecast unchained Auris from this set of challenges with solutions for email security and web security. With Mimecast onboard, Auris could save 48 days per year in help desk incident response time. They also offered an excellent alternative to Microsoft 365 tools and assisted Auris in transitioning to a more efficient centralised security model.

Mimecast has in store an extensive array of solutions for wide-ranging business challenges. From securing emails, ransomware, business email compromises, data governance to brand impersonation, cyber awareness, Mimecast has all of it covered.

The unique approach and strategies of Mimecast toward securing the communication processes of organisations concerning emails majorly have garnered a prolific list of loyal clientele for them. Whether the organisations are using cloud or on-premises email platforms, vulnerabilities associated with the emails are major. And Mimecast offers the much-needed email security solutions to protect organisations.

Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway protects organisations and employees from spear-phishing, malware, spam, and zero-day attacks. Their policy-based information protection solutions are integrated with the Secure Email Gateway. These include Content Control and Data Loss Prevention policies that work at and inside the perimeter end-to-end encryption with Mimecast Secure Messaging and Large File Send that aids in ensuring the desired performance, protecting sensitive data, and availability of email systems.
Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy protects from these vulnerabilities at the email perimeter, inside the network and the organisation, and beyond the perimeter. The Mimecast Targeted Attack Protection safeguards the email perimeter and inside it. It presents a URL Protect that keeps the users and organisation safe by checking websites at the time of click while educating the users. Besides, it features ‘attachment protect’ that implements an adaptable approach and applies several analytic techniques and sandboxing to block malicious email attachments. Mimecast’s targeted threat protection also defends against impersonation and provides browser isolation, allowing users to safely click on any embedded URL for web-surfing, and blocking the unwanted phishing activities and potential malware that infect the systems.

The second layer to the 3.0 strategy comprises the Mimecast Awareness Training, which lowers the risk of human errors within the organisations. Additionally, Mimecast Internal Email Protect helps to extend the security control of Mimecast to the internally-generated emails with 360-degree email protection. Finally, for offering email security beyond the organisation’s perimeter, Mimecast has in store, Mimecast DMARC Analyzer, to protect the brand by preventing direct domain spoofing. They also provide Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect that assists in averting brand imitation on the web.

The unique approach and strategies of Mimecast toward securing the communication processes of organizations concerning emails majorly have garnered a prolific list of loyal clientele for them.

Mimecast solutions are built on Mime|OS. It is a native, multi-tenant cloud architecture that combines innovation with agility, high performance, affordability, and adaptability with extensivity. This architecture offers the foundation for its sustainable and scalable cyber resilience strategy. Mime|OS facilitates a building-block approach that enables Mimecast to build new products and functionalities without coding from scratch, speeding up the delivery and fuelling rapid innovation.

Today, 17000 plus Office 365 customers worldwide trust Mimecast for its pervasive email security across the email perimeter, inside the network and the organisations, and beyond the perimeter, helping to protect from spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
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Peter Bauer, CEO

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