OMNISTRUCT: A Comprehensive approach to 'Reasonable Security'

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George Usi, Co-CEO, OMNISTRUCTGeorge Usi, Co-CEO
Illustrating reasonable information security has become imperative in every organization as regulators increase their focus on cyber risks and controls. Adhering, entirely with all the security standards, is a challenge; organizations need a deeper understanding of the multitude of standards, trending security systems, and information security programs. However, in today’s information security landscape, there is a looming gap in the enforcement of cybersecurity, risk management, and privacy policy. Since most companies lack the time, resources, and necessary compliance knowledge, they struggle to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and maintain security compliance standards. What organizations need is a reliable partner who can offer compliance services that can proactively address an organization’s security requirements and effectively meet the regulatory standards constantly.

With a vision to strengthen clients’ cybersecurity posture, California-based OMNISTRUCT is offering managed compliance services that help organizations offload compliance responsibilities, reduce risks associated with sensitive data disclosure, and focus on their core mission. “With services constructed specifically around compliance, OMNISTRUCT focuses on ‘reasonable security’ that helps businesses onboard, maintain, and enforce information security programs based on the NIST family of cybersecurity and privacy frameworks,” says John Riley, Co-CEO of OMNISTRUCT.

What makes OMNISTRUCT unique in the cybersecurity compliance landscape is its service offerings that revolve around US guidelines and a measurable 10-point deliverable that addresses reasonable security and enforcement of these guidelines so cyber posture can be illustrated, improved, and defended. The firm offers an Information Security Program as a Service that incorporates all the required security laws in a documented format. This document is efficiently maintained, accordingly updated, and is offered directly to organizations for making appropriate decisions regarding security compliance. OMNISTRUCT further provides Information Security Policy as a Service, offered as a part of its Information Security Program, which includes all the changes and updates introduced in the world of information security regulations, including support for looking third-party checklists in vendor management programs. “Using both the services, our clients can easily check cyber compliance checkbox from their business to-do list and focus more on areas that provide business growth,” states George Usi, Co-CEO of OMNISTRUCT. Although these offerings mainly cater to large organizations, OMNISTRUCT has also developed a free NIST measurement app for small businesses, enabling them to measure and illustrate their cyber compliance posture.
John Riley, Co-CEO
OMNISTRUCT emphasizes majorly on people and business processes with a roadmap to automate technology compliance measurements to knit privacy, risk, and cybersecurity together. The firm interacts with individuals responsible for documenting and updating the regulation into centralized repositories instead of leaving the work to tools and systems. Subsequently, this repository stores all of the cyber compliance illustrations, business-related functions and decisions, and tools such as logging tools; service-track tools. Additionally, OMNISTRUCT has launched a compliancy desk that customers can call onto to seek answers for their queries. “We leverage our extensive list of researchers along with privacy and risk experts to acquire the right answers for the clients,” says Riley.

We leverage our extensive list of researchers along with privacy and risk experts to acquire right answers for the clients

Once, a traditional brick-and-mortar food business with an extensive distribution chain was struggling to address and mitigate different kinds of cybersecurity-related incidents. The company’s in-depth search for a partner to tackle such issues came to an end with OMNISTRUCT. To begin with, OMNISTRUCT discussed with the client about different regulation types and nine reasonable risk areas under new US guidelines before constructing a maintenance plan. Through various assessments and interviews, OMNISTRUCT’s team pointed out what the client was missing. “We introduced a posture score in our metric system, which enabled the client to look at their baseline to identify all the necessary regulatory exposures,” says Usi. OMNISTRUCT also discovered that one of the client’s Europe offices was being run without their knowledge and was out of compliance. OMNISTRUCT’s team quickly identified the problem and helped the client take necessary business actions to ensure that they had the right things in place to deal with their Europe office’s regulatory issue. Finally, the client was able to check compliance from its checkbox, spread out the risk to the rest of their business, and illustrate they are doing precisely what they should be doing.

For the future, OMNISTRUCT envisions expanding its market across the US by launching its new app for small-sized businesses. The firm is further adding a series of risk and measurement tools surrounding US guidelines and functions pooled from other tooling and integrations. “We further intend to combine HR and other measurement functions within our service plans to apply data science and AI so customers will get a better picture of where they stand in terms of cybersecurity posture,” concludes Usi.
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George Usi, Co-CEO and John Riley, Co-CEO

OMNISTRUCT offers compliance services focused on ‘reasonable security’ and helps businesses on-board, maintain, and enforce information security programs based on the NIST cyber security framework