Specialized Security Services, Inc. (S3): Delivering and Maintaining Custom Cybersecurity Programs

Top 10 Information Security Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

The war between data defenders and data thieves has been described as a cat-and-mouse game. As soon as the white hats counter one form of black-hat malicious behaviour, another malevolent form rears its ugly head. Ensuring data privacy became the main challenge for many organizations in 2019. While Europe was desperately getting ready for GDPR compliance, the rest of the world was deeply affected by data privacy scandals around Google and Facebook. In 2020 and beyond protection of data privacy and security will become a key target for the majority of organizations.

First, attention towards protecting personally identifiable information (PII) will lead to creation of new data security and privacy laws. Within the next five years, we should expect adoption of a national data privacy standard in the U.S., which would echo the GDPR. Organizations can get ready in advance by adopting security best practices like ongoing IT risk assessment, regular auditing, and ensuring profound visibility into data repositories and user activity.

General security best practices although will stay the same: Encrypt your data; grant access on a need-to-know basis; implement data recovery processes; be on the lookout for open or unprotected APIs; and streamline monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. To automate the execution of certain security operations and minimize human error risk, you will also have to consider AI and machine learning technologies.

In this edition, we have featured Specialized Security Services, Inc. (S3) on the cover page as they have been the champions in developing and maintaining custom-tailored cybersecurity programs. The edition also includes Nero Consulting which offers AI-powered cybersecurity services along with cybersecurity assessment services, incorporating firewalls, forensics, cloud security, open source tools, and compliance-regulations audits. We have chosen Sertainty Corporation and OMNISTRUCT. While the former offers a self-protecting data platform, developer tools, and utilities for application developers to embed an intelligence module into clients’ data files to produce self-aware data, the latter has delivers compliance services focused on ‘reasonable security’ and helps businesses on-board, maintain, and enforce information security programs based on the NIST cyber security framework. The company offers services that revolve around US guidelines and a measurable 10-point deliverable that addresses reasonable security and enforcement of these guidelines so cyber posture can be illustrated, improved, and defended. OMNISTRUCT has also developed a free NIST measurement app for small businesses, enabling them to measure and illustrate their cyber compliance posture. Additionally, the company emphasizes majorly on people and business processes with a roadmap to automate technology compliance measurements to knit privacy, risk, and cybersecurity together.

To stay safe in 2020, organizations are encouraged to employ basic security controls, understand and comply with any regulations they are subject to, and ensure to have visibility into the entire IT infrastructure and data.

We present to you “Top 10 Information Security Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

    Top Information Security Consulting Companies

  • Light Point Security is an award-winning cybersecurity company whose mission is to deliver elegant, simple-to-use products to complex security problems. The company has developed the next generation of cybersecurity products by leveraging the power of the cloud and virtualization to protect organizations from web-based malware, including unknown threats, in a user-friendly design. Their flagship product, Light Point Web, is an isolated remote browsing solution that allows enterprises and government agencies to segregate trusted from untrusted web content in a seamless and easy to use way. Light Point Web completely isolates a user's web browsing activity onto a remote virtual environment so that no web content ever reaches their computers - all without performance degradation. The Light Point Web platform also provides privacy and anonymity while browsing the web, and data analytics into employee behavior. With best-in-class performance, unrivaled simplicity, enterprise ready reporting and policy management, and flexible deployment options, Light Point Web is the ideal solution for organizations ready to protect themselves from tomorrow's cyber threats


  • Nero Consulting has implemented such enterprise-class cybersecurity technologies to help other organizations operating in scientific research, energy, legal, finance, hospitality, construction and architecture/engineering spaces to protect their sensitive data. For the past decade Nero Consulting has been steadily gaining traction in terms of customer base.Their firm is an ardent believer of continuous development and is consistently investing in AI, dark web monitoring, security audits, penetration testing and more security-related platforms to help our clients in deterring, preventing, and disrupting cyber attacks


  • OMNISTRUCT offers compliance services focused on ‘reasonable security’ and helps businesses on-board, maintain, and enforce information security programs based on the NIST cyber security framework


  • Nashville-based Sertainty Corporation is the first to invent and commercialize self-aware, self-protecting data by enabling data to act and react using ‘induced’ intelligence. Sertainty offers a patented data-layer engineering platform as well as developer tools and utilities for technology integration into software applications. These solutions allow any developer to easily enable highly advanced crypto functionality and policy enforcement into any data which is at rest, in transit, or under processing. So Sertainty’s clients achieve zero-trust architecture. At the core of Sertainty’s technology strategy is to embed an intelligence module into clients’ data files. This module gives the data—including PII, proprietary and confidential information, IP, and trade secrets—the ability to act and react without disrupting the workflow or hindering its availability


  • Founded in 1999, S3 has successfully assisted organizations with the implementation and oversight of their information security, cyber security, privacy and regulatory compliance initiatives. S3 has conducted payment card data security assessments since 2001, directly for the payment card brands – well before the inception of the PCI Security Standards Counsel in 2006. S3 bridges the gap between your business goals, cyber security needs and compliance requirements. After identifying the client’s core business needs, the firm develops a customized information security solution that combines expert consulting with service recommendations tailored right to its client’s needs


  • Coalfire


    Coalfire is the cybersecurity advisor that helps private and public sector organizations avert threats, close gaps, and effectively manage risk. By providing independent and tailored advice, assessments, technical testing, and cyber engineering services, they help clients develop scalable programs that improve their security posture, achieve their business objectives, and fuel their continued success. Coalfire has been a cybersecurity thought leader for more than 16 years and has offices throughout the United States and Europe

  • Cybersponse


    CyberSponse offers the leading patented security orchestration & automation response (SOAR) solution that bridges the gap between automation only & human dependent security organizations. CyberSponse is aggressively dominating the SOAR space with over 250 out-of-the-box connectors available in our CyOPs™ Connector Library & a war-chest of playbooks in their CyOPs™ Playbook Library. CyberSponse has sought to develop a SOAR platform that provides a competitive edge regardless of an organization’s size or budget. The CyOPs™ SOAR solution is customizable and agnostic, allowing our customers to leverage a multitude of products & tools maximizing their investment, increasing efficiency & eliminating alert fatigue

  • Exabeam


    Exabeam is the Smarter SIEMTM company. They help security operations and insider threat teams work smarter, allowing them to detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks in 51 percent less time. Security organizations no longer have to live with excessive logging fees, missed distributed attacks and unknown threats, or manual investigations and remediation. With the modular Exabeam Security Management Platform, analysts can collect unlimited log data, use behavioral analytics to detect attacks, and automate incident response, both on-premises or in the cloud

  • Forcepoint


    Forcepoint is the human-centric cybersecurity company that understands behavior and adapts security response and enforcement to risk. The Forcepoint Human Point platform delivers Risk-Adaptive Protection to continuously ensure trusted use of critical data and systems. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint protects data and identities for thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries

  • Trend Micro

    Trend Micro

    In today’s organizations, information has become the most strategic asset, embodying competitive advantage and powering operational excellence. With the explosion of mobile, social and cloud technologies, protecting this information has become more challenging than ever. Organizations need a smart protection strategy. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security solutions that are simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. Trend Micro solutions provide layered content security for mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. Leveraging these solutions, organizations can protect their end users, their evolving data center and cloud resources, and their information threatened by sophisticated targeted attacks. All of solutions are powered by cloud-based global threat intelligence, the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, and are supported by over 1,200 threat experts around the globe